Shakti Energy Healing

‘I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people’

Ram Dass

I am so passionate about sharing Reiki with others because of the profound effect it has on my physical, mental and emotional health. Not to mention the transformation it has had on my life.

That said, I am not the shiny finished product, nor the angelic ethereal image of a healer you may find on Instagram.

I am just a normal person, who has been struggling with bouts of depression, anxiety and ongoing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 10 years, who has finally found a healing system that helps me and can help you.

Before Reiki

I was pushing myself and striving to achieve in unfulfilling corporate jobs. Some stressful life events left me with an exhaustion, I couldn’t shake off. I was frequently unwell with flu like symptoms, aching lower back, contracting ham strings and brain fog. Depression and anxiety which I had bouts of in the past, took over my entire life.
Knowing that the mind and body are intrinsically linked I embarked on a journey of self discovery and growth. I had several different types of therapy for my mental health issues, started meditating and continued to keep going back to the doctors about my physical health, which slowly got worse over a number of years.
The doctors advised I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue, the metaphysical meaning of this, is complete disassociation from your true self. At this point in my life I was:
• Fatigued
• Regularly unwell
• Low energy
• Overwhelmed
• Stressed
• Lost
• Trapped
• Depressed
• Anxious
Despite my health, I continued to push myself working full time in stressful corporate job, helping to care for my Mother who has Parkinson’s Disease, tried to continue exercising, socialising and live a normal life. I was in constant state of anxiety that my brain fog would hit at work and I would struggle to talk, forgetting words, struggle to understand what I needed to do, and overwhelmed by the amount of tasks I had to complete. I kept pushing myself and was pushing myself to Adrenal Burn out

The Reiki Experience

After being attuned to Reiki everything shifted. After years at looking at the words through murky lenses everything seemed so clear and vibrant. I felt an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and love for all people and all things. Nature’s beauty was magnified ten fold and my connection to it deepened. Everything I looked at was in high definition.
Reiki works to your highest good and helps you release deep held attachments to ill health, negative thoughts and patterns. It brings them up for you to face them and release. The Reiki journey is not always easy, but one by one I changed all the things in my life, that were making me stressed, unwell and unhappy.

The healing

Some time after being attuned to Reiki, I knew I could no longer ignore my body’s cries and keep pushing it on all levels to keep up in the life I had unconsciously created through fear, limiting beliefs, societal expectations.

I let go of the guilt and shame of having an illness that was not recognised by a lot of people and health professionals.
I let go of the expectations of myself, my employers and the people around me, that working hard is measure of strength and success and finally after 10 years of keeping going, I allowed my body to rest.

I looked at my life with a clearer perspective and slowly got rid of all the things that were causing me stress and ill health.
I became attuned to what would fulfil me and manifested opportunities to progress these in my life. I became fiercely protective of my own energy and stopped putting myself in situations that would drain me. I also became acutely aware of the negative thought processes that unfolded unconsciously in me every day and started to put distance between myself and what was running through my head.

I am now creating a life that is in alignment with my truest self and as a result the fatigue and depression have almost completely subsided.

What has Reiki Done for me

• From lost and confused – I am now connected with intuition and higher self
• From stressed and exhausted – I am now relaxed and energized
• From feeling fatigued or run down – I have a great sense of wellbeing
• From struggling to juggle life – I am now in a state of flow
• From striving to achieve to receptivity
• From confused or negative thought patterns – I now have clarity of mind and reduced negative thinking and greater connection to meditation to help alleviate the negative thoughts that still reside
• From severe fatigue to raised energy levels
• From ignoring or no motivation to address my body’s needs to releasing guilt of self care and more protective of my body and energy
• From wanting to change my life but confused about the best course of action to powerful manifestation
• From being a people pleaser to a deeper connection to my own needs
• From being out of alignment and unbalanced to aligned to my true path