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Testimonials - Shakti Energy Healing

Shakti Energy Healing

I really enjoyed my Reiki sessions with Helen, which helped me release a lot of emotions after a traumatic experience. Helen makes you feel completely relaxed and has a wonderful calming nature, so you leave the sessions feeling lighter and with a sense of inner peace. Thank you for an enlightening experience which I would recommend to anyone.
Linda – Project Manager

Helen is an intuitive and attentive Reiki Healer. She has a calming non intrusive style. I have had Reiki with Helen on several occasions and found them leaving me in a very positive state. I personally found the Reiki helped me clear blockages which in turn lead to a clearer, less cluttered mind. I would highly recommend Helen.

Padma – MD Recruitment Agency


I felt great. Really focused and positive

Che – Yoga Teacher

I have had several Reiki sessions with Helen mainly to release negative energy and illness but also to help with a badly broken shoulder. Each session has been very relaxing and I’ve left feeling more positive. I have also found that regular colds and sore throats are less frequent, than they usually are. The Reiki is also helping with shoulder movement. I can highly recommend Helen at Shakti Energy Healing.

Donna – Cabin Crew


I felt really chilled and had some nice dreams after my Reiki sessions with Helen .

Mat – Teacher

After having Reiki with Helen I had a real sense of calm afterwards. I also had an amazing nights sleep. I would highly recommend having a go, especially if you are feeling anxious or coping with trying to cope certain Emotions.

Simone – Children’s Art Therapy

I didn’t have much sensation during my first Reiki session with Helen so I did not expect to feel much after the session. However I woke up the next morning feeling amazing and totally at one with the universe. I calmly glided through situations that would normally stress me out and subsequent sessions left me feeling unbelievably light and energised.

Natalie – Mum

Had several very relaxing Reiki sessions with Helen. The Reiki shifted an ongoing headache I was suffering from and I felt less stressed. I also realised a few things about myself and coincidentally had visitation dreams about people who has passed away after each session.

Jane – Full Time Mum

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Reiki Session, but Helen was really lovely and put me at ease straight away. During the session, Helen explained to about the different Chakra’s and the energy she was getting from me. I felt quite sad a few hours after the session but Helen explained this was quite normal. I later experienced pains in my left side, again Helen explained why may be getting these and what they meant. The last session I had, made me feel great. I felt as if I was glowing and Helen said that my Chakras seemed less blocked than on our first session. I would recommend Helen to anyone. She had a very calming affect on me and I found her very helpful when I had any questions about Reiki and the feelings I experienced after the sessions.

Laura – Domestic Violence Support Worker