Shakti Energy Healing

Chakras’ are whirling centres of energy or vortexes of life force energy occurring in the energy ( or subtle ) body . They are fed by channels called Nadis that bring in divine sourced energy.

They receive energy, process or assimilate it then later express it. Although they in the energy body, not the physical body, both are intrinsically linked.

Often you can have a physical response to a feeling or emotion. A sensation of having a knife to the heart, or a kick in the gut when you hear words that leave you heartbroken. A frog in the throat when you are nervous to speak. Butterflies in your stomach when you are first falling in love or are excited about something. Or an uneasy feeling in your gut or womb, when you feel something isn’t right.

Each chakra is linked to organs in that area in the body and their function as well as emotions, behaviour and what you life looks like.

Please click on each Chakra for in depth understanding

Carl Jung said that everyone needs a guiding archetype of wholeness.

Bringing the chakra system into balance can do just that. The Chakras bring us in touch with our divine nature.

The chakras can become excessive or deficient or both at the same time. Excessive represents compensating strategies and deficient are the result of avoidance.